Mithun farm:

The KVK is housed at Porba station of the National Research Centre on Mithun and a mithun farm is being maintained there having 65 mithuns.

Rabbitry unit:

KVK is maintaining a rabbitry unit where 20 pairs of rabbits are being raised. We are putting all the efforts to popularize rabbitry in the region as rabbits being prolific in nature has great potential.


An apiary unit of Apis serena sp. has been maintained for training and demonstration purpose of the farmers.

Vermicomposting & Nadep compost unit:

Organic crop production has been encouraged in the district, therefore, vermicomposting unit using Esinia foetida spp. is being developed for training and demonstration.


A small vegetable nursery is developed for quality seedling production and distribution to the farmers.

Water harvesting Structure:

A water harvesting structure has been developed to store rain water and water is used for producing vegetables during winter.

Polyhouse and Shed net:

Two low cost poly houses and a shade net have been constructed for nursery and off season vegetable cultivation.