World environment day 2013:

World environment day was celebrated on 5th June 2013 at Nazareth school, Pfutsero. World environment day is celebrated every year in the world. On December 15 1972, the United Nations general assembly designated 5th June as world environment day to create awareness of the need to preserve the environment. This year the theme for world environment day was “think – eat – save” to encourage the prevention of food wastage, and to raise awareness about the environmental impact of the food choices people make. While food wastage is abundant, around one in every seven people globally go hungry every night, while over 20,000 children under the age of five die daily from hunger, according to United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report.

The world environment day programme was chaired by Mr. Founder. He welcomed the chef guest, all the student body, teachers, and KVK persone. The programme commenced with a short address by Dr. R.K.Singh, Programme co ordinator, KVK Phek. He emphasized on the importance of world environment day and its theme, that we should not waste food, water etc. He also called upon the students to create awareness among their parents to stop hunting as Hunting is a serious problem that leads to vanishing of many wild animal and birds, on other hand forest fire is creating havoc and causing depletion of many wild species.

The programme was graced by Mrs. C. Lovitoli Sema, SDO (civil), Pfutsero. She illustrated about the theme “Think.Eat.Save. Reduce Your Foodprint” and suggested the measures to protect the environment and actions pertinent to this region. She calls upon the young generation that this earth belongs to them and their actions will determine the future of the Mother Nature. There is urgent need to take up plantation and saving water. She also suggested buying only essential commodities in required quantity to avoid wastage. The principal of the school Fr. Jayaraj cautioned that the “God will forgive but Nature will not” so he urged to the students to take utmost care in preserving the environment.

To commemorate this occasion fifty saplings of Ficus hookeri (Khaboo) was planted by the chief guest, principal and students. The students played a very important role in planting, pits were dugged and rabbit manure was incorporated in the soil for good growth. Ficus hookeri is a fodder tree which can be used for fodder purpose. The leaves are fed to mithun, cow, goat etc. It is very suitable in this prevailing climatic condition and has high nutrient content.

The students also participated by cleaning the school campus, class rooms and roadsides. All the students of the school took active part in cleaning the surrounding by picking up waste papers, weeding in the campus flowerbeds, putting up fences around the flowerbeds etc.

An essay competition on the topic “Impact of jhum cultivation on the environment” was conducted where Miss Kuthono Cukhamu of Class X secured 1st prize. She had written that the impact of jhum cultivation leads to deforestation and loss of natural vegetation, soil erosion and also affects the food chain of animal species. She also elaborated that jhum cultivation causes climate change which adversely affects the flora and fauna and causes extinction of animals and bird species. She emphasized on the importance of afforestation by planting more trees to save the environment for better future.

A total one thousand five hundred students participated in the programme, where seventy two of them participated in the drawing and essay competitions. After a tough decision of the judges, the results of drawing and essay competitions were declared and prizes were distributed by Dr. R.K.Singh, Programme co ordinator KVK Phek an Father Jayaraj, the Principal of the school.  The Valedictory function concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Debojyoti and light refreshment was followed.

Technology week 2012:

KVK Phek organized Technology week from 15th Oct to 20th Oct 2012 at different villages. The activities included Kisan gosthi, Animal health camp, Farmer scientist interaction, workshop on improved technologies in agri and allied sector, Field day and exhibition. KVK scientist delivered lectures on different technology related to agricultural and allied sector. Mr Rinku bharali SMS Horticulture, Ms Hannah Krujia, SMS Agronomy and Dr. Debojyoti SMS Animal science were the resource persons. Animal health camp was also organized at Gidemi village. Programme co-ordinator, Dr. R.K. Singh emphasized on the importance of vaccination. Further Dr, Debojyoti gave hands on demonstration on vaccination and vaccinated 1000 birds. He also trained village youth, the technical knowhow of vaccination. Farmer scientist interaction was organized at Porba village. The programme was attended by Director NRC on Mithun (ICAR), QRT team, scientists from NRCM, farm manager NRCM, Station I/C NRCM porba and all the staff of KVK. Programme co-ordinator, KVK Phek, highlighted the activities of KVK and shared various success stories on rabbitery, mushroom, and others activities. Director NRC on Mithun spoke on the importance on scientific mithun rearing. Workshop on improved technologies on agri. and allied sector was held where video shows on various agricultural activities were shown. Field day on cabbage, strawberry, soyabean, SRI and inoculation of azolla in paddy was conducted and exhibition of models and replicas of various improved technologies on agri. and allied sector were shown to farmers. The participants of technology week from various villages gained knowledge and showed keen interest in taking up the improved technologies.

6th SAC meeting:

The 6th SAC meeting of KVK, Phek was held on 14 September 2012: Details report


KVK Phek Celebrate the 64th Independence Day

Health cum vaccination camp jointly organised by NRC on Mithun and KVK Phek on August 21

National Research Centre on Mithun and KVK Phek district jointly organized a comprehensive health cum vaccination camp on August 21 in a community farm at Porba village, Phek district where about 110 Mithun were brought down from the community jungle for vaccination by the villagers. All the animals were vaccinated against FMD. During the programme, blood and faecal samples of all the Mithun were also collected for investigating the occurrence and incidence of various viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases among Mithuns in semi-intensive condition. All the calves were given oral dose of anthelmintic drugs for control of common gastrointestinal parasites.

DGM of NABARD visit Phek

NABARD, Dimapur launches 10 Famers Club at Pfutsero with the help of KVK Phek. These clubs were formally inaugurated on 19th February 2010. The inauguration programme of the farmers club of different villages of Pfutsero sub division was held at Nazareth School, Pfutsero jointly by KVK, Phek, Porba and NABARD, Dimapur. All the members and the farmers were welcomed by Dr. R.K. Singh, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Phek. The programme was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Mr. M.K.Mandal, DGM, NABARD. In his address he briefed about the role of farmers club in the development of the village and the district as a whole. He also suggested the farmers club members to take up activities related to agriculture and allied sectors and they can organize the “Expert meet” programmes to get technological backup. NABARD will provide the financial assistance to carry out such programmes. Mr. P. Bhattacharjee , Manager, IT, NSCB has informed the farmers to avail the facilities provided by the cooperative bank, he also emphasized on KCC for availing loan facilities for agricultural development. Mr. Bendang Aier, AGM, NABARD explained in detail about the functioning of farmers club and emphasized the club will be acting as a bridge between various institutions and the village. Mr. T. Angami, Asst. Manager, Cooperative Bank, Pfutsero also urged the farmers to take up various developmental activities through the farmers club. Mr. Ritse, Chairman, APMC, Pfutsero also motivated the farmers present in the session for availing the facilities provided by various institutions. Lastly, vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Rinku Bharali, SMS (Horticulture), KVK, Phek, Porba.

Recently on 1st June 2010, “Meet the expert programme” was organized by KVK Phek sponsored by NABARD for Takru Farmers club, Leshemi village where a total number of 27 farmers participated in the programme.

DGM inspect various project works sponsored by NABARD in Collaboration to KVK,Phek