Irrigation with rain water harvesting.

Precipitaion is very high in north eastern region in general and Nagaland in particular. but comparatively, water is not available in non rainy days or dry season. this is due to lack of water management specially storing and harvesting.

Major problem in hill areas regarding water storage in water harvesting structure / farm pond is high water seepage. Due to seepage, water do not get stagnant for longer time, usually gets dried up.

Taking this into account, water harvesting pond with LDPE (Low density poly ethylene) poly lining sheet of 250 micron has been designed and used to harvest and store maximum possible water with minimum loses.

LDPE polysheet is low in cost and affordable by farmers easily. It can sustain for many years provided no mechanical wear and tear are done.

Harvested water in this pond can be used for irrigation purpose or any other water requirement during off season as it acts like a mini reservoir . Management of such pond is easy and less labour is required thereby minimizing the operational cost. Owing to its convenience in matter of pond size and cost effectiveness any farmer can amplify the number of pond according to their needs of water.

Rain water harvesting in pictorial definition taken in various parts of Phek district for irrigation.